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Godly Play Lessons

Welcome to our Godly play Lessons. These lessons will be as close to our normal format in Church as possible.

In these difficult times, we will try to establish a familiar Patten of Christian Worship and teaching.

Lena will enter the Godly play room and will welcome the children, getting them ready before telling a Bible story. Over the next few months we will be exploring Old Testament stories.

The Godly play room will be laid out and Lena will use the objects around the room to explore the story, with "wondering questions". A short prayer session will follow. The children can then use the materials in the resource packs to independently respond to the story. Additionally the packs include ready made materials for further exploration.! These sessions will remain on our website and can be therefore can be accessed at any time. New stories will be released every two weeks.

This website includes Parent Notes which are available to help you guide your children.

Please use the contact box to let us know who has watched, let us have your comments and feed back we want to know how to improve our lessons.

Please contact us for resource packs.


Click on the lesson title to access the lesson

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